Corporate Finance

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Companies today, in Italy as in most of our Europe, are experiencing a period of economic situation that is defined by the most with that word that every entrepreneur wants to erase from his vocabulary: crisis. In Pairstech, we have embraced the idea that crisis is nothing else than a moment of the companies acquired balance displacement, which must equip themselves to deal with such situations as a new challenge in the market, taking the opportunity to regroup in their development processes and ordinary and emergency management.

The first difficulty that businesses live is not economic or productive, but essentially financial. This assumption is true – with the necessary exceptions - for all business categories, regardless of the size or the type of product or service offered.


The Mission of Pairstech Corporate Finance area, is the support to companies to help them to addressing the needs that arise from the contingency in which they operates, to strengthen themselves and find resources – internal or offered by the market – to transform the looming threat in a real opportunity to relaunch, that rests on solid foundations and will build upon the pillars and beams of a "new and grand building" that is both comfortable and productive home for members and employees and safe haven for investors


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The management of corporate finance in recent years, has taken on primary importance also in SMEs, companies that traditionally had a fairly easy access to bank credit that allowed them to meet demands – also the extraordinary ones – without difficulty

The "credit crunch" we all have sadly suffered, has led companies to face a very different reality from that to which they were accustomed and to look for alternative sources of funding to bank credit.

Pairstech deals with corporate finance for several years with ever increasing and documented successes. The importance of this sector and the continuous requests for advice and assistance, led Pairstech to form a company area dedicated to the Corporate Finance, with a team, led by its head Dr. Fabio Carretta, made up by analysts, lawyers, accountants and sales (Buy Side & Sell Side) that offer a complete service to meet company’s needs.

The Corporate Finance fulcrum of Pairstech, however, is made by the CUSTOMER. They are, in fact, his needs that drive our team, which makes the profound understanding of financial issues and extensive experience in managing corporate finance its strengths in customer relations.

The first objective of Pairstech is to provide consultancy services that start from the analysis of the current state and of strategies of the customer, to continue with the identification of its financial needs and takes place with the identification of the best forms of financing in relation to the results of the analyses carried out.

Pairstech is not a substitute for banks or merely a fund raiser; Corporate Finance means, in our code of values, assist companies in choosing the right mix of financial structure, between the level of debt and the level of equity, such as to maximize business value through the tax advantage of debt, and at the same time identifying the best form of indebtedness, which is not always the less expensive one, but what , from the results of the analyses carried out, would prove to be the best suited to the development needs of a particular subject at a given moment in its history, in a market environment well identified and in harmony with all variables that will crop up.


Our main focus is oriented towards medium to long term corporate financial policies and starts analyzing the business plan, which in some cases we write in collaboration with our customers, channeling their entrepreneurial vision closely on the tracks of feasibility and sustainability: Capital Budgeting in the service of the entrepreneur's dreams. Understand if the growth process can be done for internal lines or must be pursued through corporate finance transactions, that have as their goal a repositioning of the company, its expansion, development through alliances or additions (M & A), or a reorganization that includes entry into the capital of new members, which can be exclusively of investors or partners for all purposes.