MEMORIA Festival

Mirandola, 7/10 June 2018
Pairstech supports the Festival della Memoria
When we speak of memory we refer to the very foundation of knowledge and of individual and collective action. Memory molds the character of individuals and peoples as a demiurge: preserving experiences and information, it creates the essential conditions for any behavior and progress.
The culture of change and innovation, in fact, find privileged paths and fertile land only on growth paths developed in the past and founded, grown, on the richness of memory.

To this theme so rich in many facets and declinations, Mirandola (Modena) dedicates the first Festival in Italy: a biennial event that aims to consolidate over time, in order to create an expected and recognized event, in which to develop multiple meanings, references, connections and implications that such an argument can arouse.

Pairstech enters as in the Consorzio del festival della Memoria as a Member in 2017.